Propulsion System Design for a Reusable Sub-orbital Rocket Launcher

Masters project by Team Rocket at the University of Strathclyde.

Feed System

The purpose of the feed system is to deliver the propellants in a high pressure state to the injector plate. There are two broad methods of performing this task; either pressurising the propellants in the storage tanks pre-flight; or using pumps to increase their pressure as they as they are required by the engine.

The group investigated both of these options with the aim of optimising total system mass. It was decided that the lowest mass system would be a pump fed system, with the pumps being powered by a turbine, which was in turn powered by decomposed hydrogen peroxide.

Figure 1: Feed system schematic.

Various losses in pressure associated with driving the propellants through valves, pipes, and the cooling system were then investigated in order to produce a more detailed system design.