Propulsion System Design for a Reusable Sub-orbital Rocket Launcher

Masters project by Team Rocket at the University of Strathclyde.


The overarching goal for this project was to contribute to the subsystem design of the Devon One launch vehicle. This launch vehicle is to be a fully reusable vertical take-off and vertical landing suborbital rocket. The goal for the vehicle is to deliver 40 kg payloads to an altitude of 100 km. Team Rocket has successfully managed to produce an initial design of the main propulsion system, ready to be taken through the testing phase by Tranquility Aerospace Ltd.

Tranquility Aerospace Ltd

Tranquility Aerospace Ltd is an Oxfordshire based engineering company currently engaged in the development of the Devon One launch vehicle. In order to hasten development, the design of the rocket has been split into a number of concurrently running projects, some of which are being undertaken by university students.