Propulsion System Design for a Reusable Sub-orbital Rocket Launcher

Masters project by Team Rocket at the University of Strathclyde.

Combustion Chamber

The purpose of the combustion chamber is to contain the combustion of the oxidiser and fuel and direct the resultant flow into the nozzle. Typically combustion chambers are designed by ‘rule of thumb’ calculations, the group decided it would be worthwhile to attempt a more optimal design process, and thus decided to produce a CFD model of the combustion chamber, and use that to determine the required dimensions. This work was successfully carried out by fourth year student Callum Harrower as his individual project.

Figure 1: Static temperature plot of combustion in thrust chamber.

The decision to perform CFD modelling of the combustion process proved to be useful, as the model was also able to give comparisons of the performance of different injector plates.