Propulsion System Design for a Reusable Sub-orbital Rocket Launcher

Masters project by Team Rocket at the University of Strathclyde.

Technical Work

By the end of the project, the group had managed to complete an initial design of the rocket, ready for Tranquility Aerospace Ltd to take forward to the testing phase for development. The group was able to recommend a gas generator powered pump feed system, delivering the propellants to a custom injector plate, designed to optimise the mixing process inside the combustion chamber. A mass efficient combustion chamber was produced through a series of CFD analyses, feeding into a nozzle which was analysed with particular consideration given to the landing requirements. Finally, the design of a regenerative cooling system was achieved to prevent temperatures and stresses within the engine reaching an unacceptable level.

Feed System

Injector Plate

Combustion Chamber

Nozzle Design

Thermal Control System